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Rosa Vizcaino


The art of Travel

TRAVEL! Small word, huge meaning!When you travel, you live, you laugh, you enrich your spirit, you enjoy yourself, you heal, you exercise; it’s a great investment! I enjoy planning, discovering new destinations, looking for the best hotels, finding leisure and travel experiences, searching for trending restaurants.I first became a travel specialist for Mexican students visiting Germany to better learn the language, live first hand German culture and have meaningful experiences when traveling. My clients grew with me, or the other way around! Later I expanded my services and expertise with youth trips to Europe, family trips and honeymooners.

By having so many different types of clients, I needed to also increase my offer and evolve the travel services I was giving. I have now visited and travelled to many countries, stayed in many magnificent  hotels and received diverse kind of hospitality services, I have contacted and worked along with many great guides & suppliers; I know the way around the world. I’m looking to amaze my clients, to provide them with high quality services for them to relax and enjoy their travel experience, adjusting in budget, cultural style and expectations. Once you start the journey in this wonderful world, you never stop traveling.  

It’s a passion. It’s a way of life. I am a professional traveler.

¿Why Rosy Vizcaino for you next travel?


All my life I have travelled, my father had the soul of Marco Polo as he once said, he undoubtedly inclined me the desire to do it tirelessly. I have been in this industry for 40 years, with my family as a traveler and never stop, now my daughters, sons-in-law and grandchildren learn it from me.

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